"Derivations on Rings and Modules with Applications"

July 1 - 9, 2024

About School

Derivations have inspired theoretical developments in algebra, specifically in the context of derivations on rings and modules. Derivations on rings and modules find significant applications in coding and cryptography theory. They provide a mathematical framework for designing, analyzing, and breaking cryptographic systems, as well as constructing error-correcting codes for reliable data transmission and storage.

The aim of the SEAMS School is to provide a complete introduction to the subject, starting from the background in derivations on rings and modules and ending with the newest progress in this area of research and applications. The school targets graduate students and early-career mathematicians from Indonesia and neighboring countries. Participants can continue developing their knowledge in both theoretical and applied aspects, which is very useful for the community.

Open on January 15 - March 16, 2024

Confirmation of admitted participants, March 23 March 30, 2024



We are delighted to present a distinguished speaker for our SEAMS School, who is not only captivating but also an expert in their field.

The Opening Speech Video by the Director of CIMPA

The Opening Speech Video by the President of SEAMS