Derivation on Rings and Modules with Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is there a special template regarding CV, Letter of Motivation, and Letter of Recommendation?

A : There are no special templates from us.

Q : What time does this class last every day?

A : Classes take place from 08.00 WIB to 16.00 WIB, except on the first day of the event starting at 07.30 WIB because there is an opening first.

Q : How is the transportation from the flat to Undip?

A : Yes, according to the wishes of the teacher in the class.

A : Participants will use the Undip bus together to go to the SEAMS School location. The bus will pick up participants at 7.00 WIB for the first day and 7.30 WIB for the following days.

Q : Are there any exams and assignments that will be done at SEAMS School?

Q : Is there financial support for participants who will take part in SEAMS School 2024?

A : There will be financial support for participants in the form of reimbursement for travel expenses to the SEAMS School 2024 venue and return trip from the SEAMS School 2024 venue which will be provided after the event is over.